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August is here at last, the time of year where we can enjoy the garden. It is on show the most and where we see all of the past year's hard work pay off, blooming into a mass of lush colour, scent and fruit.

There are still jobs to be done however (in-between alfresco dining and Gin & Tonic's of course!) to keep the garden looking at it's best.

Borders and Plants

Any borders or plants that have not achieved their full potential, where colours schemes have not worked, plants that have not taken as well as expected can be noted for next year's work which may include moving them to another area of the garden, or try a good application of compost, soil improver or organic pellet feed, all available here.


Dead Heading

As you walk around your garden, why not take off those dead heads whilst you are there, this will ensure maximum colour and scent production from your plants.

Take Cuttings

Take cuttings from those herbs, shrubs, tender perenials and bedding plants in the garden that you love and grow your own, if you have never done this before try it out on something like mint and see just how easy it is.  Then you will be propagating everything and anything!

Collect Seeds

Again as your are wondering around your garden, collect seed pods and dry out ready to grow next year.  Make sure your dry them out and store in a cool, dry and dark place, you could re-use old biscuit tins for this job!  This is where I always have to run back to the potting shed to fetch my trug and scissors. 


Lift and pot up strawberry runners.

Sow Seeds

You can be sowing things such as swedes, spring cabbages, beetroot for leaves, radishes, coriander and winter lettuces.

flower bed ready for planting


Prune your lavender to keep it in shape, take cuttings by pulling off side shoots and potting in gritty compost.  New lavender plants produced by your own fair hands!

Wall Flowers

Pinch out the tips to help make them bushier.


Lay new turf on bare patches of your lawn to get your lawn looking great. (Here is a good turf website)


Choose your spring bulbs for borders, lawns and containers and order ready to plant in the Autumn.

The 5 Step Garden Makeover