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The Hose Pipe Ban Update

After weeks of the Hose Pipe ban being in place by seven southern based water companies, three of them will be lifting the ban today, 14th June.  Anglian Water, Southern Water and Thames water are the three concerned and are some of the UK's biggest water companies. Water is a complex thing, this week alone has seen heavy rain in area of the country.  However rivers are said to be only just getting back to normal, resvoirs have made it up to 75% full but there is still a shortage of ground level water in parts. South East Water, Southern...
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How to Lay Turf - Step 1

Turf Laying is not as difficult as you may think, just follow our simple step by step turf laying guide and you will have the lawn of your dreams!! Remember to measure the area you wish to turf accurately, try to measure it in meters as most turf is sold by the square meter (m2), use our Turf Calculator to help work out the area or call us if you need any assistance.  Also remember that turf needs laying within 24-48 hours (depending on the weather conditions) of delivery, so get your area up to step 2 before your turf...
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