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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! And we start off 2013 in rather a soggy and sorry state.

As I listened to the radio on my way into the office, first day back after the Christmas break, and hear of the winter of 2012 being the second wettest on record, I reminisce about some of my last blogs on the worrying droughts of the early part of 2012.

It's bonker's how my blog was stressing the importance of conserving water in the garden. Droughts don't just affect farmer's and gardener's, it has a massive impact on us as consumers too! The price of with some products such as vegetables, fruit and bread rocketing upwards as farmers were faced with having to increase crops drying out in the fields.

Now we have so much rain it's washing crops away. Not to mentions roads! It’s madness. Surely!

Flood Plain

However I can’t help but get an excited rumble in my stomach when I look out of the window of the Quality Garden Supplies office, first day back, gazing at the trees and smiling at the mild weather. Normally the first week is so hard; the weather worsens the mood further more.  

Staring out (believe it or not) at some of the bulbs peaking through the soil, it gives me quick glance at the weekend ahead. Being able to happily work outside without being battered by rain or feeling the bite of the frost on my fingers and toes.

This weekend I can potter in the QGS garden and continue to build the beautiful garden of my dreams...or am I just building my expectations and not actually getting anywhere! Am I spending too much time staring out of this window, day-dreaming?

Anyway enough daydreaming and to work we go...

Here are some of the jobs you need to be doing for January.

  1. Recycle your Christmas tree by shredding and mulching it.

recycle christmas tree

  1. You can prune and shape Apple and Pear trees also any deciduous trees at this dormant time of year. Do not prune Evergreen and tender trees and shrubs, wait for the Spring for pruning of these.
  1. Start to force your Rhubarb.
  1. Feed and water birds, there is little food for them this time of year.
  1. Dig over any vacant areas of your garden in preparation for a vegetable patch or new board.

flower bed ready for planting

  1. If you have muddy spots in your lawn then you may want to consider laying some stepping stones to prevent damaged lawn and also muddy footprints in the house.
  1. Again another point to make if you have a soggy area on your lawn, try pricking the lawn with a fork to try to disperse the water.
  1. Now is a great time to order turf, repair your lawn and trim your edges.

turf roll

  1. Spread a layer of compost around the base of shrubs and hedges.
  1. Collect seeds from plants around the garden.

Well go on then! Stop day dreaming and get out there!

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