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How to Lay Turf

Turf Laying is not as difficult as you may think, just follow our simple step by step turf laying guide and you will have the lawn of your dreams.

Remember to measure the area you wish to turf accurately, try to measure it in meters as most turf is sold by the square meter (m²), use our Turf Calculator to help work out the area or call us if you need any assistance.

Also remember that turf needs laying within 24 - 48 hours (depending on the weather conditions) of delivery, so get your area ready before your turf arrives.

Removal of Old Turf & Digging Over the Soil Bed

This is the most important step and will be the most time consuming, the more effort you put in here the better your lawn will look.

  • Strip off any old grass / weed by digging underneath the turf to lift off the grass plus about 1.5 inches of soil. This can be done with either a spade or for larger areas you can hire a turf cutter from you local hire shop.
  • Discard the weed and turf top (you can shake out the soil from the roots if you wish).
  • You should now be left with bare soil, this can now be dug over with a spade to a depth of around 3 to 6 inches, breaking the soil up as you go, this will air-ate the soil and improve drainage as well as root establishment. For larger areas the soil can be rotivated with a mechanical rotivator (available from hire shops), but digging over with a spade is just as good.

You should now have a rough but broken up soil bed.


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