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Making a Safe Play Area

Summer is the time of year that children should be outside playing, getting fresh air and lots of excerise. They love running around, climbing and playing on swings and climbing frames.

All parents want their children to play safely, so what can we do to ensure that they are as safe as posible but without restricting their activities and fun?

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The answer is to build a play area; slides, swings and climbing frames are great fun but always think about the area surrounding the play equiptment. Are there any sharp edges or hard surfaces? The answer is probably yes, (even grass can be a hard and damaging surface to fall on to).

So how do we reduce the risk of broken bones, cuts and bruises?

  • Have a good look at the area your children are playing in, are there any sharpe objects? If so remove them or move the play equiptment away from them.
  • Is the ground / play area surface soft and forgiving? probably not! - think about putting a suitable play area surface down such as play bark or woodchip. These products will absorp impact and cushion falls preventing / reducing injuries.

Notes on Play Area Surface Products

play bark

When buying bark or woodchip for a play area always buy a play area certified bark or woodchip. Certified barks will have been tested for impact absorption properties and will come with a recomended laying depth for effcient impact absorption.

Play area certified products will also be free from sharp sticks and will ensure a safe play area surface. For more information on play bark products call us on 0871 971 0988.

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