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How to Take Rose Cuttings

How to Take Rose Cuttings

How to make take cuttings from Roses…

One of the nations favorite plant’s, the rose is a great way to add crazy colour and sultry scent to your garden.  Why not try getting a sense of accomplishment by growing some from a cutting on an existing plant.

 Here is our 4 steps to propagating roses from cuttings:

  1. Pick which rose you would like more of.  Choose a long and healthy stem, which has grown this season.
  2. Take a cutting by cutting to a length of 25cm long, cut above a bud at the top and below a bud at the base.  Leave a leaf at the top and remove any other leaves below it.
  3. Dip the base into some rooting hormone and insert 2-4 cuttings into large pot of gritty compost.
  4. Water, keep in a shaded spot and leave until it has rooted, probably next summer.  Water the pot when needed. You can then repot each individual plant. 

We hope this inspires you to trying to make your own rose plant!

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