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In the garden in June

June sweet June, summer is here...or is it...? What is the weather like for you? And what does June mean to you?

It is to me, not only my birthday month (wer hooo!) but a month of Eaton Mess pudding, warm evenings, friends around for al fresco dinning, the buzzing of bees around my garden, vegetables, trees and insects.

What does June mean to you? I asked the creator behind My Tiny Plot about her June and I had the most amazing response, she said Strawberries and Rose wine – great hey!

al fresco june 2

But with the weather not "like it used to be" here is a list of jobs you can be getting on with in between showers:

  1. Take lavender cuttings
  1. Plants leeks and other brassicas, it is not too late to order our vegetable packs!
  1. Spread mulch around beans to help conserve moisture


  1. Keep the children entertained and make some bird scarers for your vegetable plot, you can use CD's, bottles, be creative with paints and recycle your house hold waste.


  1. Water beans and sweet peas as they start to flower
  1. Feed tomatoes and take off side shoots to help keep nutrients and energy focused on producing fruits
  1. Collect and sow seeds from fox gloves
  1. Spray roses
  1. Lift early spuds - because your spuds will be coming up and going from ground to pan in a matter of minutes, I thought I would let you have a simple summer recipe for the good old faithful British potato!
  1. Take any odd apples off apples trees so to keep the energy for the good apples.
  1. You can be planting out lettuce, rocket, spinach, beet, french dwarf beans, radish, carrots, endive, kohlrabi, suede, turnips.
  1. Plant out tender crops like courgettes, beans, pumkins, squash and gherkins etc
  1. Give birds water
  1. Design and plant summer hanging baskets
  1. Sow or plant out salad in guttering, pots and generally everywhere!


  1. Tie new sprouts up on fruit plants, feed and mulch.
  1. Snap off onion flowers when the appear.
  1. Look out for green fly; I use my Grandmother's recipe of water and washing up liquid as a great green fly killer and repellant!
  1. Take out the growing tips on your now fast growing braod bean plants, this will discourage blackfly! Of which I now have!!  Maybe I should take note of my own point 18!

If you think I have missed any jobs off my list above please leave them as a message below.

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