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November Garden Check List

November’s Checklist

So shortly winter will be here and there will be a few things to prepare in the garden.

b2ap3 large november in the garden

Here are some simple tips to get you ready:

  • Improve your soil – Improving the soil with plenty of organic matter in the form of compost helps drainage and aeration on heavy soils and conserves essential moisture on light ones.
  • Clear up fallen leaves – especially from lawns, ponds and beds.
  • Raise containers onto pot feet to prevent water logging.
  • Prune roses to prevent wind – rock.
  • Plant out winter bedding.
  • Insulate outdoor containers from frost – bubble wrap works well.
  • Don’t forget about the birds! Put bird food out to encourage the birds into the garden.
  • Repair and treat fencing and timber structures.
  • Bring all watering equipment indoors.

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