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Follow our blog on all things gardening and grow your own, from "How to's" to interesting facts and recipes you can make with your home grown garden produce.

Wild Blackberry Kiss Cocktail

Wild Blackberry Kiss Cocktail
Well, as Helen won our last inter office cocktail competition with her Lavender and Lemon Cooler; we thought we would make the most of her whilst her boastful head still fits in the office.  We sent her to make the most of the autumn gathering / scrumping season whilst it is at it’s most “fruitful’! (only from hedgerow’s my we add and not neighbors garden’s as the true definition suggests!). I have come up with this beauty; making use of my favorite berry the Wild British Blackberry, don’t go to your local supermarket, get yourself out for a walk and you...
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Luscious Lavender & Lemon Cooler Cocktail

Luscious Lavender & Lemon Cooler Cocktail
Here at Quality Garden Supplies we love all things British and this Friday we got a little bit of that Friday Feeling.  To make the most and celebrate the wonderful weekend weather we challenged ourselves to make an inventive Summer Cooler Cocktail using key ingredients’ from our own gardens.  The one we all loved the most would be posted here on our blog.   And so our winner is… Luscious Lavender & Lemon Cooler Cocktail Ingredients: 60ml Gin 40ml Lemon Juice 40ml Lavender Syrup Soda water or tonic water (which ever you prefer, we used soda) Ice Beautiful Cocktail Glass...
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