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The QGS Cottage

CHICKEN_IN_SNOWHere it is. My first blog. And I am excited. But where do I start!

There is so much to do and so many decisions to make.. fonts, color schemes, images, layout, pages and that just the non techy stuff!!

So with my head spinning with all the things I need to do I thought I would take my mind off things for a few minutes and tell you about me!  I am a member of the Quality Garden Supplies team and the guys in the office thought it a great idea that I create a Blog for our website.  After all I was the only one in the office going wild with excitement about my new house, how I am going to become a self-sufficient, jam making, home maker with my little cottage in the country which for the benefit of my new blog I will call the QGS Cottage. All the plans I have made and now out loud which means there is no going back, everyone in the office knows! I mean I would look a fool if I didn't carry them out!

I moved into the Cottage in December and so now with Christmas out of the way I bought my chickens! Made their pen, which they are at this very moment making home.  Hurray I am finally seeing a little bit of progression to become the self sufficient creative type that I have always desired to be; of course I have had practise, growing up on the family farm, learning how to grow veg from my Grandmother, learning about the changing seasons from my Grandfather, taking cuttings and pruning trees from my Father and cooking and preserving what we had grown from my Mother.  Then I moved around various parts of the country and to countries further a field too, enjoyed myself a little and learnt life skills and now I feel ready to put all I have learnt into my new house and grow a home!

So please pop back soon and read more of my Blogs.


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