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Things to see & do in March

With St David's Day falling on the 1st of the month, Save a Spider Day on the 14th (yes you read that correctly!), St Patricks day of the 17th, Easter, Ash Wednesday and not to mention the first day of Spring, March surely is the month to get excited about.

Put down that comfort food, adorn those old faithful garden wellies and get out there! Take a deep breathe of fresh air, go on, breathe in and enjoy it. There is so much to see and do outdoors in right now, I really want to show you what a great month it's going to be.


I asked around the Quality Garden Supplies HQ, to see what exciting things people are getting up to in March. So to really inspire you to enjoy this month here is what we found.

Visit the The Edible Garden Show at Stoneleigh Park.


This truly wonderful 3 day show is an exploration into 'growing your own' fruit and vegetables at home, helping you to be inspired to live off your bit of land however large or small it is.

With celebrity Gardener's like James Wong, Alys Fowler, Bob Flowerdew and many more, celebrity chefs, livestock experts and so much to see and do, this unmissable show runs from 15-17th March.

Pea Shoots

Why not grow some pea shoots on your kitchen windowsill.

Use them in salads, sandwiches, with fish, miss with mash potato.


Time to start laying your Spring Mulch.

Spring and Winter are the best times to lay down a layer of mulch to protect plats around the garden to help keep moisture in and out, protect from weeds, insulate sensitve roots aswell as providing nutrients for the plant.


Visit Butterflies in the Glasshouse at Wisley

Enjoy wondering through the exotic glasshouse amongst some of the worlds most beautiful butterflies at RHS Wisley. 

Hurry this truly amazing exhibition of butterflies runs until 3rd March.


Start tidying your herb beds, cutting any dead flowers or stalks.


Plant broad bean seeds, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, parsley, onions, beets, sprouts, peas... all in the green house or under cover of course... the snow has now stopped for sure yet!

Build a veg patch 

This year why not try growing your own at home. After the horse meat scandel and price increases on supermarket produce it has never been more of a kick up the backside to us all that we need to do something else other than accept increases on all outgoings and no increase on our incomings!

So, many people are turning to growing there own fruit, veg and herbs and there is nothing more satisfying than doing so.  It also gives us that cosy feeling of sharing precisous time with the ones we love and getting back to basics, growing and picking our own in the earth god gave us.

Why not try growing something odd?

I have been inspired by the March edition of 'Grow Your Own', this month the are growing herritage veg, so it's shown me that trying something new is fun.

Try growing something you have never tried or seen before, like these Radish Rat's Tail which has a mild flavour to begin with, then boom, the peppery radish hit's you. There is some interesting and inspirationsal reading on trying new varieties written by James Wong, just click here.


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