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Turn a Weedy Spot into a Potato Plot

Growing potatoes is so easy and why not try doing what the title of my blog says, transform a weedy patch or create a raised bed containing topsoil and turn an idle spot into a useful and productive growing bed for your potatoes.  'Grow Your Own' is such a well used phrase now isn't it?  And why not?  There is nothing more exciting them picking, chopping, cooking and eating something you have grown yourself!


Potatoes are a dependable bulk crop which can be stored over winter, they are so cheap to grow, the biggest most awesome reason for growing the acclaimed and noble British spud is that there is no better feeling of satisfaction when you dig the earth to uncover these little beauties!

Potatoes break up new ground and helps improve the soil condition.

Your soil should be fairly sandy and slightly acidic (if you are really conscious it should be a around pH 5.5) but really just plant and grow! You can find out more about topsoils at www.topsoilshop.co.uk

Enjoy your crop!


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