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What to do in the Garden in March


March already!  Suddenly I am in a state of panic about all the jobs I need to be doing, feeling like I don't have enough time to get all of my jobs done before the Summer comes! Plus all the exciting things I want to start, building a bench, raised veg patches, design my front boarder, build a birds table, sort the bould patches of my garden.

I have just planted out some garlic in the dark!  This is how panicked I am!  However; I calm myself down after writing a list of all March's jobs.  Panic disappears with every sip of tea I take and realise actually things are not actually that urgent!


I thought I would let you know my list of jobs for March which you too may want to consider...

1  Start a compost heap; it's always a great time of year this to be inspired to create things, with the shine pearing through a little more and the light nights setting in a little sooner.

2  Plant garlic and onion sets

3  Trim back any Ivy or other climbers on walls or fences

4  Chit potatoes

5  Tidy your strawberry plants, removing any dead stems and cover with a cloch

6  Top dress your platers and pots

7  Dig in compost or well rotted manure or garden waste

8  Pre warm your veg plot, covering with cardboard or tarporlin (whatever you have spare in your garden shed)

9  Sow broad beans or broad bean plants...I bought some plants from a small local supplies. Sow other seeds like parsnips and carrots, rocket and spinach.

10  I also love this time of year for a good clean out of my gardening equiptment, potting sheds and greenhouses.



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