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Grow Your Own

Join The Grow Your Own Revolution This Year!

Grow Your OwnThousands of people across the UK are growing their own fruit and veg, from just a few potatoes grown on the patio to a full years supply of vegetables!

Its Pretty Easy...

You can make your grow your own project as big or as small as you like and its great fun for all the family.

You don't even need any specialist equipment, vegetables can be grown in flower beds, pots or even bags from seed or from bought in seedlings.


Our Simple Guide to Growing Your Own Veg

Step 1- Choose what you want to grow!

If your new to vegetable growing and dont want to take on the world just yet then choose something simple.. and of course vegetables that you like to eat!

Potatoes for example are really easy to grow and take very little maintenance, and why not try growing a few courgettes and lettuces.

The other question you need to ask your self is seeds or seedlings.. growing from seeds takes a little more time and preparation but is very rewarding, planting seedlings is very easy, less time consuming and enables you to get great vegetables without the need for a propagator or green house.

You can buy seeds from any garden centre or ready to plant out seedlings from us here.  Vegetable plant seedlings are available in various packs of mixed veg types and we deliver them to you when they are ready to plant out!

Step 2 - Preparing your growing area.

As i mentioned earlier, veg can be grown in anything from pots and planters to purpose built raised beds.  Choose what is right for you and your garden and prepare the soil by turning it over and adding a good compost or soil improver.

Pots and planters should be located in sunny areas of the garden (i.e not on a north facing wall) and should be filled with a mix of good compost and soil or a specialist vegetable blend topsoil.

Beds and borders should be topped up with a good compost or soil improver and any weeds should be removed, you want to break up the soil to produce a nice light and friable soil.

Step 3 - Planting


If planting from seeds, simply draw a shallow line in your soil with a stick or trowel and plant the seeds in this shallow trough (according to the instructions on the seed packet) put a stick in the ground at each end of your line and label them up so that you know what you planted there, also include the date you planted them on your label.


The baby vegetable plants you ordered will arrive when they are ready to plant out, make sure you have your planting area prepared before they arrive and then simply plant the seedlings out in rows at the specified spacings.

Step 4 - Growing

Now all you have to do is keep your seeds and seedlings watered and weed the beds keeping the ground between the rows and plants free from unwanted weeds,