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Bark Calculator

Work Out How Much Bark or Woodchip You Need

We've made a nice easy to use calculator to help you work out how much bark or woodchip you need to cover your beds, borders or play area.

Simply measure the area you need to cover with bark (you'll need the length, width and depth) and enter the meaurements in our easy to use calculator below:

Bark Calculator

bark calculator

A =   X   B = Units

Depth =  Units


Total in litres =

Total in m³  =

Using Our Bark Calculator

Simply measure your the area you want to cover bark in either meters and cm's or feet and inches and fill in our bark calculator form below and hit "Calculate"

Our calculator will then work out how many bulk bags or litres of bark you need to complete your project. 

Bark Bag Sizes

Beacuse we sell bark in many different size bags, we have worked out the amount of bark you need in litres and cubic meters (m3).

You will then need to take a note the amount of litres the calculator works out and browse our bark range, each product is available in a variety of pack sizes (from just a few 50 litre bags up to full pallets and 2000 litre (2m3) jumbo bags).  Each pack size available will show you how many litres it equates to in the product information.

Please Note: Calculator is for guidence only.