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The Best Bird Feeders to Brighten Up Your Garden

A bird feeder can add a lot of colour to your garden, and make it more attractive for wildlife to visit. With the right feeder, you can entice some of the most incredible birds to your area, and take your garden to an even more beautiful level. Here are some great choices for bird feeders to place in your garden…

Acorn Bird Feeder - Large

The lovely feeder looks like an acorn, and can really class up your garden with its unique appearance. We like the easy refill design, as well as the mesh exterior that makes it easy to see at a glance how full the feeder is. The holes are large enough to accommodate food like peanuts, so you don’t have to feel confined to birdseed with this feeder. We also like that the product has a very sturdy, durable design, so it should last for a while.

Acorn Silo Bird Feeder

This one has a classical design that makes for a super simple and convenient feeder. The clear plastic tube lets you see how much food is left, and the easy open feeder is simple enough to refill. The acorn cap is a nice touch as well, helping it to stand out and to give your garden some personality. The feeder is designed to be very user friendly, so it is not hard to clean at all. It comes apart for simple cleaning, and it is pretty tough too, so it can handle the abuse the birds may give it!

House Shaped Metal Bird Feeder

We like how this feeder takes the traditional bird house motif and then runs in a different direction with it. The basic house shape is there, but the feeder offers a more open design that takes into account what is comfortable and convenient for birds. It makes it really easy for the birds to access the food and find a place to perch, all without letting the food spill out. The open plan also lets multiple birds feed at once, which is great for attracting large numbers of birds to your garden at the same time. It also gives birds some protection from the elements, so they will want to use your feeder to find food and to shelter from the rain or wind.

This feeder can be mounted on a wall or fence with ease.

Decorative Bird Feeder Ball

If you want something a bit different, you can try this feeder ball. This is how you do open design, and the minimalist look may appeal to you if you want to create an artistic aesthetic in your garden. Because it has no overhead cover or roof, it should probably be hung under an awning or on your porch. Rain can soak the food and create an unwelcome place for your birds. The look is really unique on this feeder, though, so it might be just what you need to spruce up your garden.

These are just a few of the more interesting options we have in terms of bird feeders, and maybe one of them will be just the thing your garden is missing!