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4 of the Best Log Baskets You Can Buy to Store Your Firewood

How are you storing your firewood this winter? If you need a simple, elegant and functional solution, then you may want to check out these log baskets. Here are some of the best log baskets we have for sale…

Log Basket / Rack

This log basket is made of solid steel and is designed for maximum wood storage. It features a very straightforward design that fits snugly along the wall, or up against the fireplace. The black powder paint coating is easy to clean, and is not easily marked up or scratched. The rack is about twice as long as it is deep, offering plenty of storage for indoors or outdoors. We love the open design that makes it super easy to pull wood out and add wood to the basket, so there is little for the wood to catch on during loading and unloading.

Square Fire Basket

For something more decorative and modern looking, you can try this square fire basket. With its detailed cut design, it will look lovely next to other types of rustic décor, and its semi-closed design hides much of the wood while still letting you see how full the basket is. That way, you can tell at a glance if the basket needs to be refilled. You may find this basket less convenient for unloading than if you were using an open design, but that is the tradeoff you get if you want something as visually appealing as this basket is. While the square basket does come unassembled, it is easy enough to put together.

Tall Storage Log Basket

For compact storage that doesn’t leave you wishing you had an additional rack for keep your logs in, this tall basket is ideal. It can fit into small spaces and allows you to stack wood vertically. The V design means that the majority of the wood will be stored near the top, where it can be easily accessed without you having to bend down and stretch to reach the wood. The open design makes unloading and loading a cinch.

Round Log Basket

Our final selection is a rather uniquely designed log basket that shares an open design with a lot of the other choices on this list, but is my personal favourite! It features an undershelf that is perfect for storing kindling, and then a larger storage space that comfortably fits a large amount of chopped firewood in a relatively compact space. It iis easy to load and unload, and you can check at a glance how much wood is left in the basket.

round log basket