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The Best Log Stores You Can Buy to Store Firewood

Log Stores

How are you planning to keep firewood dry and organized throughout the colder months of the year? A log store can keep these logs tidy and keep the rain off them. With the cost of heating now at record levels, I’m sure everyone will be making good uses of their stoves this winter. Below are some of the best log store products for sale at the moment…

Large Log Store - Hand Made

For plenty of storage space, this large log store makes a great choice. It stores your wood nicely and securely, protecting the logs from the weather This log store has been made by hand, and features treated wood that can handle rough weather. It does a great job of protecting your wood supply, and making the wood accessible for you all year long. We love the small storage shelf that is ideal for storing lighters and other fire making supplies. The larger compartment holds about a cubic meter of logs, which is plenty for most homes.

Medium Log Store (hand made)

This is another really durable storage option that can hold a decent number of logs (Size: H60" x W43" x D26" approx). It is designed to keep the rain off your wood and keep all the logs stacked neatly. The flat roof makes it easy to place the log store into a small space or to use as a storage shelf. The treated wood construction is safe for all weather and designed to keep the log store in great shape for years to come, with minimal maintenance requirements. Even though this is a bit smaller than the large version, it holds the same cubic meter of wood. The difference is the lack of a storage shelf inside the log store. So, it has less storage inside but is more ideal for stacking and other exterior storage ideas.

medium size log store

Small Log Store - Hand Made

The littlest log store holds about 0.7 cubic meters of stacked wood (Size: H77" x W28" x D26" approx) and is made from the same weather resistant, treated wood as the others on this list. It is quite durable and should hold up well for a long time, even in inclement weather. The feather edged roof keeps rain out well, and the spaced design allows for decent airflow. That means wood can dry out if it does get wet, or if it was damp before it was stored inside the small shed. We like that this log storage item is fully assembled when it arrives, so there is no setup to deal with.

Large Log Store Pack

This storage item comes with everything you need for fire building. The log store can hold a cubic meter of wood (Size: H72" x W43" x D26" approx), and it includes 15 nets of logs and 5 nets of kindling. Like the other log stores we have reviewed, it is great at keeping your wood dry during bad weather, thanks to the feather edged roof and secure storage design. It also features a storage shelf on the top for extra functionality.