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Things You Can Do to Encourage Your Kids to Garden

Are you having some trouble getting your kids to spend time in the garden? Maybe they feel like there is nothing out there for them to play with or do. Here are a few ideas that may change their minds…

Raised Bed Planter

Your kids may enjoy doing some gardening outdoors, and they don’t have to interfere with your plants at all to do that. With this raised planter bed, they can give gardening a try in their own space where they can stand up and garden. This well constructed bed is long enough to accommodate several plants, and should last your kids for years. It comes flat for you to put together yourself, but assembly is pretty simple. It also includes a root bed for simple planting.

National Trust Children’s Premium Gardening Gift Set

There is a way to give your kids all the tools they need to start gardening without making several purchases. This kit includes an apron, fork, trowel, kneeling pad, bucket, and gloves. Your kids will enjoy spending hours with their own equipment, whether they are working on tending their own plants or helping you with yours. Make them feel special and give them something to be excited about when they go outdoors with this nifty kit. We love how durable and kid-friendly everything is, and how all the stuff they will need are provided for them in one, convenient package.

Children's Potting Bench

Children love sowing seeds and growing their own plants and vegtables, so why not start them off with a child sized potting bench.  This lovely little potting bench will provide the perfect work station that they can sow and water their seeds on, keeping their mitts away from your precious seeds!

Paired with a childs raised planter, they will be set for a year of healthy living and playing in the garden, whilst learning about seeds and plant growth.

Unicorn Watering Can

Is your little princess absolutely in love with unicorns right now? We understand that kids love themed items for everyday use. How excited do you think your kids will be when they try out this lovely unicorn watering can? It is bright and colourful, and made with high quality materials. It makes gardening fun for your kids and is really easy to use. With this can, your kids can water effortlessly indoors or outdoors without spilling water absolutely everywhere. If you want to give them a reason to help you with the gardening, and give them some chores to do that they will look forward to, then this watering can is a great way to do that. Your only problem may be trying to ensure they don’t use the watering can too much and flood your plants!

Tigerbom Seedbomb by Kabloom

Planting seeds is boring work, right? It doesn’t have to be with this ingenious planting tool that is made especially for kids. The Tigerbom Seedbomb is a simple gardening tool that you open, fill with water, and throw (or place) into the desired spot in the garden. Then, just wait for the plants to start growing. The attractive design makes it look like a hand grenade for kids to throw. They will probably love getting to participate in the growing process in such an exciting and unique way. Then, they will have stories to tell once their plants start to sprout!
ry some of these great items if you want to get your kids off the couch and outdoors with you in the garden. Let us know if they these ideas!