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Insect Boxes - Which Box Should You Buy to Encourage Insects into Your Garden?

Are you looking to invite more insects to your garden to help with pollination, aeration, and plant growth? Here are some excellent insect boxes that can help you do just that.

Green Butterfly House

Who doesn’t love butterflies? With this beautiful house, you can attract them to your garden and create a lovely aesthetic, thanks to the house’s appealing design. This product is good for attracting a large range of butterflies to your garden, and it is designed with tall slots, so that you can see the insects when they are resting inside the house. It gives them a place to shelter, and makes your garden much more welcoming for these beautiful creatures, and it is one of our favourite insect boxes.

Hexagon Bee House

This nifty bee house has a beautiful design, and is great for attracting bees to your garden. Those are key pollinators, so you want to make sure you are welcoming them if your flowers are going to flourish. The hollow card tubes are perfect for giving bees a safe place to hide out, and they should find this house very appealing, as it gives them a reason to spend more time in your garden, doing some of the plant care work for you. The natural building materials are excellent at attracting bees, and they are good for the environment as well.

Bumblebee House

For something a bit more elaborate, you can try this bumblebee house. It is going to attract a variety of insects, and not just bumblebees. You can open the house up when you like, and it provides them a small and comfortable space for the insects to get inside. This makes them feel protected and at ease, so they will feel good about coming to your garden. The galvanized roof is a neat idea here, as it keeps the house dry and ensures proper water runoff. The differently-sized cardboard tubes that make up the house are very attractive for bumblebees in particular, making this a great way to draw in these important pollinators

Insect Hotel

Finally, we have an option that should appeal to lots of different insects. The Insect Hotel may attract ladybirds, butterflies, bees, and more. It is made from bamboo and other wood materials, and it includes a cleaning brush for easy tidying up. If you want to give insects a lovely place to hide out and relax in your garden, then his hotel will suit their needs nicely. The gable roof keeps water from collecting inside the hotel, and the structure is designed with multiple entrances for easy access. It makes your insect friends feel safe and protected, and it can be attached to walls or allowed to stand freely.
These are some great options for bringing in more insects to your garden, giving them a place to hang out and find protection from predators or inclement weather. If you install one of these, your garden will quickly become much livelier.