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Hozelock Composter Easy mix 2 in 1


Hozelock Composter Easy mix 2 in 1 HOZ-40018000
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The new HOZELOCK EASYMIX 2 IN 1 COMPOST MAKER (100 litre capacity) is an environmentally friendly solution for recycling organic household and green garden waste, allows you to make your own peat free compost and rich fertilising liquid to enrich your garden and green spaces, in less time than a traditional compost heap!

First time and expert compost makers alike will be amazed at the simplicity of use and its multi functionality. Compact in its design the tumbling composter offers unique design features making it simple to use which fits neatly on a balcony or in the corner of your garden.

The drum sits on a separate roller base making it effortless to churn the contents which accelerates decomposition upto 3 times faster than traditional composting, typically in 2-3 months. The drum being made of 85% recycled plastic is black in colour which draws in heat from the sun allowing the waste contents to heat up more quickly. As the organic material breaks down a compost juice is produced thats a rich liquid fertilizer which collects in the "Click & Spray" tank stored in its base. The tank has a hose attachment allowing you to simply fix your water supply which regulates and dilutes the rich concentrate as you nourish your beds and borders. The drum is lifted off the base once ready to use and can be rolled round the garden rather than carried for you to apply the compost where it is required.

The dimensions of the Easy mix 2 in 1 Composter are 57.5 cm x 57.5 cm x 34 cm when boxed, after assembly 89cm x 60cm x 60cm. The composter requires a small amount of self assembly ( screws supplied to join the two halves of the composting drum together prior to use).

The Hozelock Easymix 2 in 1 Composter is sure to be 2023's product of the year! Secure yours today on our pre season special price!


Hozelock offer a 3 year manufacturers guarantee on the Easymix 2 in 1 composter, further details are supplied with the product upon delivery. Guarantee registration of the product is required via the Hozelock website to validate the warranty. For further details or to register your product click here.

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Hozelock Composter Easy mix 2 in 1
Hozelock Composter Easy mix 2 in 1
Hozelock Composter Easy mix 2 in 1
Hozelock Composter Easy mix 2 in 1
Hozelock Composter Easy mix 2 in 1