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Kiln Dried Ash Firewood Crate


Kiln Dried Ash Firewood Crate KD-Ash-1m3
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Kiln Dried Ash Firewood in a Stacked 1m³ Crate

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Great value kiln dried Ash firewood in a tightly packed 1.17m³ crate.

  • 100% Ash Kiln Dried Firewood
  • Crate Dimensions : 125cm x 113cm x 83cm (loose volume 1.56m3)
  • Kiln Dried to less than 20% moisture
  • Log Length 25cm (10 inches) +/- 2cm

Kiln dried Ash is an excellent firewood, widely reputed as the best choice in timber for heating your home, Ash logs burn well producing an excellent heat output and last longer on the fire than many other types of firewood. Ash is also a very clean burning wood, producing very little smoke, perfect for log burners and open fires.

Buying a crate of our kiln dried logs is excellent value as crates offer a significantly larger amount of firewood than our bulk bags. The firewood is tightly stacked in the crates giving you approximately 1.56m3 of loose timber or 1m3 of tightly stacked timber. Bulk bags are all loose filled.

Price includes standard delivery to most postcode areas (surcharges may apply for more remote areas).


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How We Deliver

  • We use an 18 Tonne Curtain Sided Vehicle.
  • Our Vehicles are approx 3 meters wide, 9 meters long.
  • We offload at the back of the vehicle
  • We use a Manual Pallet Truck and a Tail lift. (We do not use a Hi-Ab or Crane Service)
  • We push the goods to the delivery point, however, the drivers first port of call is the kerbside.
  • We need a FLAT and HARDSTANDING delivery point to offload onto. This includes the road, as the driver will only offload by the roadside.

Please note, we cannot deliver onto the kerbside if there is no drop kerb that is flush with the ground, nor can we deliver if the road the vehicle is parked on, is on any slope (both incline and decline).


Type of Fuel:Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs
Pack Size:Crate (125cm x 113cm x 83cm)
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