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Newburn Smokeless Ovals 40 x 25kg Bags


Newburn Smokeless Ovals 40 x 25kg Bags NB25kg
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Newburn Smokeless Coal Ovals 40 x 25kg Bags

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Designed for use in Smoke Control Areas, Newburn Smokeless Ovals are the perfect smokeless coal for fuelling your fires this winter.

As a low emission, clean burning product, our smokeless ovals produce LESS CO2 and MORE heat than traditional house coal, as well as having the lowest ash content of all our smokeless coal products, thanks to the new and improved formula we use.

This product is a HETAS and DEFRA approved fuel.

Benefits of Smokeless Ovals

There are many benefits to using Smokeless Ovals over traditional house coal. Here's just a few:

  • They are slow burning (lasting 40% longer than traditional coal)
  • Approved for Smoke Controlled Areas
  • 30% more heat than traditional coal
  • Lowest Smokeless Ash Content
  • Minimal waste
  • Easy to control
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Dimensions of a Briquette when made - 79mm Long, 57mm Wide and 37mm High


[tab name='How We Deliver']

  • We use an 18 Tonne Curtain Sided Vehicle
  • Our Vehicles are approx 3 meters wide, 9 meters long.
  • We offload at the back of the vehicle
  • We use a Manual Pallet Truck and a Tail lift. (We do not use a Hi-Ab or Crane Service)
  • We push the goods to the delivery point, however, the drivers first port of call is the kerbside.
  • We need a FLAT and HARDSTANDING delivery point to offload onto. This includes the road, as the driver will only offload by the roadside.

Please note, we cannot deliver onto the kerbside if there is no drop kerb that is flush with the ground, nor can we deliver if the road the vehicle is parked on, is on any slope (both incline and decline).


[tab name='Our Goal']

Our Goal is to save you more this winter. It’s short and it’s sweet. We strive to offer the best products, with the best prices, to save you more this winter. We don’t cut corners to save you money, either. We use 2 of the largest delivery networks in the United Kingdom, to reach as far and as wide as possible.


Brand:M&G Newburn
Type of Fuel:Smokeless Coal
Pack Size:25kg bags
Product Lead Time:1
Pack Size
40 x 25kg Bags - £13.00 / bag (0)
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Newburn Smokeless Ovals 40 x 25kg Bags
Newburn Smokeless Ovals 40 x 25kg Bags
Newburn Smokeless Ovals 40 x 25kg Bags
Newburn Smokeless Ovals 40 x 25kg Bags