Farm Yard Manure


Farm Yard Manure AH-FYM
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Farm Yard Manure

Well rotted and shredded farm yard manure and high composting temperatures ensure that the manure does not contain any weed seeds or pathogens.

  • available in 50 Litre bags


  • Rich in essential nutrients
  • Free flowing and Easy to handle
  • Excellent in establishing rose beds
  • High organic matter content
  • Well composted - dark brown black in colour
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Helps retain moisture
  • Economical
  • Weed free

Spur on plant growth with the nutrients packed into this high quality farm animal manure, well composted and delivered straight to your garden, as a highly effective alternative to plant or peat based fertiliser.

Composted Farm Yard Manure provides a highly fertile base to support your plants, without using peat or other additives. With a high organic matter profile and excellent moisture regulation, it provides an excellent boost to all plants. Available for all kinds of gardens and well-rotted down to ensure safe use on delicate plants, as well as removal of seeds that might cause weeds, farm animal manure is increasingly becoming a popular solution for gardeners seeking an environmentally sound and effective source of fertility.

Remember, you can use our compost calculator to develop your gardening project by ensuring you’re receiving the exact quantity of manure needed for the task at hand- saving stress, waste and money.

Contact us today to learn more about our compost offers and the provenance of our products.

Uses:Soil Improving, Rose Beds, Vegetables & Planting
Pack Sizes:Packs of 50 Litre bags
Peat?:Peat Free Organic Manure
Available Next Day:Yes (if ordered before 12.30)
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Farm Yard Manure
Farm Yard Manure
Farm Yard Manure
Farm Yard Manure

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