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Sand Pits & Play Sand

A sand pit is a great way to keep your toddlers and kiddies occupied in the garden.  Children love playing in sand, digging with toy diggers or a bucket and spade, making sand castles or just drawing in the sand.  They just love the texture and feel of play sand.

What Age Can Children Play in a Sand Pit?

Play sand is clean and safe for children to play in. Kiddies can play in a sand pit, with play certified sand from the age of around 12 to 18 months old. 

What is The Best Type of Sand Pit

There are all sorts of sizes and designs of sand pits available, from small plastic sand pits to large wooden sandpits. And the cost varies from just £20 for a low cost plastic one to well over £200 for a really heavy duty sandpit, you get what you pay for in most cases.

We think the best type of play pit is a sand pit with a lid.  Having a lid on your play pit means it can be covered over when not in use which prevents leaves and other debris from getting into your play sand and will keep the sand sheltered from rain so that it does not become waterlogged, this means its always ready to use when your children want to play outside.

Wooden Sand Pit With Lid

This is a great sand pit as not only does it have a lid, but the lid also doubles up as a sun shade to protect your kiddies from the sun on hot summer days!

A wooden sand pit is in our opnion better than a plastic one, as it will last much longer and is far more environmentally freindly.

Play Sand - Do I need it?

Yes you do! Play Sand is a sand that has been tested and certified safe for use as a play medium and play surface.  This means it does not contain any sharp stones, glass etc and is free from any chemical residue.

Buying a play certified sand means you can be sure you children will not come to any harm when they are handling or accidently eat some of the sand in their sanbox. Also most play sand will not stain your childrens clothes, which means they will also stay clean when playing!