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Self Binding Gravel

Buy Self Binding Gravel

Buying Self Binding Gravel

Golden Self Binding GravelWe supply golden self binding gravel (also known as hoggin path or breedon gravel) in bulk bags and in bulk loads delivered nationwide at low prices.

Self binding gravel is one of the most cost effective solution for creating footpaths, access roads and even sports surfaces. 

It provides an attractive, easy maintainence surface which is easy to lay and install and provides a firm compacted surface suitable for a range of applications, from domestic drive ways, foot paths and rural paths to larger sports installations and corporate uses to include golf courses, and public access areas and leisure parks.

Infact it is suitable for use pretty much anywhere that a low cost and durable surface is required for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Laying a Hoggin Path 

The products natural self binding properties bind the gravel together when compacted with a roller and installed follwoing our simple guide lines as laid out below:

Step One: Foundation

A free draining aggregate foundation is essential to prevent water logging directly beneth the self binding gravel, this foundation stone should be roller compacted with a roller of approx 1000kg or more.

Step Two: Layering the Gravel

Use a broad headed rake or similar to lay the self binding gravel to the required depth (50mm for pedestrian use or 100mm for vehicular use).

Step Three: Dry Rolling

The levelled surface should then be dry rolled with a vibrating roller to its fullest compaction until it forms a smooth and uniform surface.  (any patchy areas can be filled with fines from any surplus material and rerolled.

Step Four: Wet Rolling

Now that you have a smooth and consistent surface, it is time to begin the second rolling phase.  The rollers vibrator should be switched OFF for this stage.  Wet rolling will float the fines ups to the surface of the gravel , this ensures the gravel binds and sets properly. Water should NOT be applied to the gravel surface but should be sprinkled onto the roller surface only.  Continue wet rolling until a smooth and even surface is achieved and allow this surface to set and dry for a minimum of 48 ours before use.


For more information on our range of bulk delivered products please contact our Sales Team on 01785 8750 653 or fill out the sales enquiry form.
If you require less than 10 tonnes of hoggin path gravel you can buy online.