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Soil Improver

What is Soil Improver?

Soil Improver is a compost or soil addative with a high organic matter content containing essentail plant nutrients, which when added to an existing soil will improve the fertility, structure and general ability of the soil to promote good healthy plant growth and root establishment.

There are many products which can be reffered to as a soil improver or soil conditioner; such as Organic Soil Improver, Mushroom Compost and Farm Yard Manure.  All of which have the basic properties required to improve a soils structure and fertility.

What is The Best Soil Improver

Organic matter is what you are looking for to add to your soil to improve it, any well composted organic matter will do the job.  That said, some are better / easier to use than others. 

Our favourite is a good quality screened organic compost or green compost, the best being PAS100 certified organic compost, which is produced in a monitored proccess, ensuring there are no weed seeds or pathogens within the compost.  We also recomend ensuring it has been well screened (sieved) to remove larger particles and make it much easier to dig in to your existing soil than some other types of compost (i.e manure).

How to Use Soil Improver

Soil Improver can be added to your soil by either encorporating it in to the soil, by digging it in or by laying over the top as a mulch.

For faster results, use a finer material and dig into your garden soil to a depth of around 6 inches.

Mulching with mushroom compost or manure may be easier around established plants however this is a slower process as it requires the mulch to breakdown and be taken down into the soil beneath by earthworms and other insects.

Checkout our other article for more detailed information on how to improve soil fertility to get the most our of your garden soil.