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Bulk Compost & Manures

Compost and manures delivered in bulk loads

We Supply Compost & Soil Improvers in Bulk

We specialise in the supply of quality composts and soil improvers at the lowest prices.

  • PAS100 Compost  - 50 Litre Bags, Bulk Bags and Loose
  • Mushroom Compost - 50 Litre Bags, Bulk Bags and Loose
  • Farm Yard Manure Bulk Bags and Looose
  • Composted Bark Fines  - 50 Litre Bags, Bulk Bags and Looose
  • Peat Free Composts  - 50 Litre Bags, Bulk Bags and Looose

All products available in bags, bulk bags and loose loads nationwide.

We can supply loose loads in 8 wheel tippers and huge artic walking floor loads.

With composting facilities and bagging yards nationwide, so we can always provide you with a highly competative quote on any bulk loads of composts and soil improvers. 

Speak to our Sales Team today on  01785 850 653 or use our Quote Form to get a quick price for bulk loads or compost.

Quick Quote

Use the form below for a quick quote on any bulk loads of compost and soil improvers.

Quality Bulk Compost & Manures

Quality Garden Supplies Specialises in the supply of quality bulk composts, from mushroom compost and peat free compost to manures and soil imporovers, all available in bulk loads from 20m³ loads upwards.


We supply builders merchants, garden centres, landscapers, local authorities and many other customers with full and part loads of our composts.

PAS100 Accredited

All our Organic Composts and Soil Improvers are PAS100 accredited are available in loads up to 60m³.

Our Most Popular Composts

PAS100 Compost in Bulk

PAS100 Compost is a black organic peat free soil improver, simply dig this 100% peat free compost into your soil to increase fertility and improve soil structure, ensuring your plants stay healthy all year round.

  • Quality Compost Protocol and PAS100 Certified Compost.
  • Helps lock in moisture and nutrients around roots.
  • Promotes healthy plant growth and germination.
  • Speeds up root establishment in turf.

Available in Bulk Loads, Bulk Bags and 50 Litre Bags

Multi-purpose Compost

We can supply loads of traditional multi purpose compost in pallets of 50 litre bags, bulk bags and bulk loads.

The special blend of ingredients provides the ideal growing media for plants, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. Ideal for:

  • Sowing Seeds and Cuttings.
  • Hanging Baskets and Containers.
  • Beds and Borders.
  • Use Inside and Out.

Farm Yard Manure

Well rotted and shredded farm yard manure is available in loose loads and loads of bulk bags from our sites in the north and south of the country.

  • Rich in essential nutrients.
  • Free flowing and Easy to handle.
  • Excellent in establishing rose beds.
  • High organic matter content.

Call us fro a quote on a bulk load of composted manure

Supplying Bulk Loads to Trade Customers

Quality Garden Supplies specialises in supplying various grades of compost in bulk loads to trade customers who are focusing on large scale projects: builders, merchants, local authorities and landscapers.

Depending on the product required our bulk loads are available as:

  • Loose Loads in Artics and 8 Wheel Tippers
  • Pallets of 50 Litre Bags
  • Loads of Bulk bags (from 750 litres to 1200 litres per bag)
Nationwide Delivery

Experienced Sales Team

Our experienced sales team will ensure all the products we supply match the purpose required, are the best quality and at the lowest prices Call us for a quote on 01785 850 653 or fill out the sales enquiry form.

For more information on our range of bulk delivered products please contact our Sales Team on 0871 971 0988 or fill out the sales enquiry form. If you require a small amount you can buy online.